In Memoriam


The Institute for Security and Conflict Studies mourns the loss of our good friend and colleague Janne Nolan, who passed away on June 26. Since 2011 Janne served as a Research Professor at the Elliott School and was based in the Institute. Janne was a truly remarkable woman: a leading expert on nuclear weapons, she held a Ph.D. from Tufts, authored nine books, taught at multiple universities, and held numerous governmental and non-governmental appointments. Most recently, she chaired the Nuclear Security Working Group, a non-partisan group dedicated to building expertise in nuclear policy. A regular attendee at the Security Policy Workshop, Janne stood out for her penetrating questions and irreverent sense of humor. We were lucky to have her as a colleague and will miss her very much.

For additional remembrances of Janne, her career, and her profound influence on others, please see the following:

  • New York Times obituary by David Stout
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  • Reflections by Tamara Coffman Wittes and Michael O’Hanlon from the Brookings Institution, where Janne worked for a dozen years