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Director Glaser on Panel for John J. Mearsheimer’s New Book

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The Institute for Security and Conflict Studies (ISCS) is an energetic academic community dedicated to furthering the study of international security. Through a variety of programs and research initiatives we aim to advance scholarly research on international conflict and strengthen the field of security studies through graduate education; improve public understanding of key international security issues; and inform policy debates related to U.S. national security.
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Oct. 11 – Book Launch for Paul Williams’ New Book: Fighting for Peace in Somalia RSVP

Oct. 17 – Book Launch for John J. Mearsheimer’s New Book: The Great Delusion RSVP

ISCS Security Policy Workshop Series Fall 2018

Oct. 1 – Andrew Kydd, University of Wisconsin

Title: Why Bureaucrats Leak

Oct. 15 –  Eugene Charles Gholz, Notre Dame

Title: No Man’s Sea: Implications for Theory and Strategy

Nov. 5 – Galen Jackson, Williams College

Title: Under the Cover of Realism: The Middle East and the Fall of Detente, 1969-1977

Nov. 26 –  Joslyn Barnhart Trager, Wesleyan University

Title: Inciting Nationalism: The Domestic and International Context of Status Rhetoric

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Recent Publications

Jones, Z. M. and Lupu, Y. (2018), Is There More Violence in the Middle?. American Journal of Political Science, 62: 652-667. doi:10.1111/ajps.12373 PDF




Harris Mylonas and Ariel Ahram. 2019. “Hierarchy, Sovereignty, and Adaptation in the Eastern Mediterranean,” in Litsas, Spyridon and Tziampiris, Aristotle (eds.) The New Eastern Mediterranean: Theory, Politics and States in a Volatile Era, Springer, pp. 31-43.





Dragu, Tiberiu and Lupu, Yonatan, Collective Action and Constraints on Repression at the Endgame (2017). Comparative Political Studies, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: or PDF


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