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Upcoming Event Dates:

ISCS Security Policy Workshop Series Fall 2019

Sept. 16 - Rosella Cappella Zielinski, Boston University

Title: Supplying War

Sept. 26 - Charli Carpenter, University of Massachusetts--Amherst

Title: The Stopping Power of Norms

Oct. 7 - Ron Hassner, UC-Berkeley

Title: How Torture Works: Evidence from the Spanish Inquisition

Oct. 28 -  Mark Bell, University of Minnesota

Title: The Path Dependence of Nuclear Thinking

Nov. 4 - Jason Lyall, Dartmouth College

Title: Inequality and Desertion

Nov. 18 -  Ben Buchanan, Georgetown University

Title: Expanding the Aperture: Advocating a Broader Approach to Studying Cyber Operations

Dec. 2 - Marina Henke, Northwestern University

Title: Intervention Entrepreneurs and the Fall of the Libyan Dictator Gaddafi

ISCS Security Policy Workshop Series Spring 2020

Jan. 27 - Caroline Hartzell, Gettysburg College

Title: TBD

Feb. 10 - Melissa Willard-Foster, University of Vermont

Title: TBD

Feb. 24 - Hein Goemans, University of Rochester

Title: TBD

Mar. 9 - Steven Ward, Cornell University

Title: TBD

Mar. 30 - Anoop Sarbahi, University of Minnesota 

Title: TBD

Apr. 13 - Barbara Elias, Bowdoin College

Title: TBD

Apr. 27 - Jessica Weeks, University of Wisconsin

Title: TBD

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